Dashboard & Repeat Billing For Web Agencies

Management by Exception

"Inconsistent & inaccurate billing cost us a lot of time and sometimes clients. Controlla has fixed that completely"
Jane Dunbier - Educational Resources

Who uses Controlla?

Agencies or solo-operators using SAAS services and/or offering service contracts will thrive with the amount of work and time saved by Controlla
Designers & Developers

Providers of ongoing services in the cloud assets, hosted websites, domains, servers & more.

Digital Marketers

Service providers of SEO services, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Social Media Marketing & all the other things.

IT Service Providers

Track, manage, and invoice cloud services, SaaS, PaaS, directories, and all IT assets.

Want to see pricing?

Don't let anything slip through cracks again

Controlla ties all the essential threads of your business together in one place.
  • Sync with SAAS services and ensure digital assets are in contracts when they need to be
  • Be alerted to exceptions right from the dashboard
  • Automatically invoice clients when you should (and not when you shouldn't)
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