Track, manage & bill everything.

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"Inconsistent & inaccurate billing cost us a lot of time and sometimes clients. Controlla has fixed that completely"
Jane Dunbier - Educational Resources

Tracking Key Items & Billing

Controlla handles your core business tasks

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More time for the important things

Repetitive, mundane business tasks rob you and your team of precious time - get that time back and focus it on the skills that make your team unique.

Automate invoicing, billing, contract renewals, project control, rollovers, work scheduling and billing all in one place with Controlla.


Who uses Controlla?

Any business providing service & work contracts or using SAAS integrations can thrive with Controlla
Digital Agencies
Developers, designers, IT services, marketing agencies & more ...
Professional Services
Architectural, planning, engineering, legal, promotion & more ...
Domestic Services
Garden maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, repairs & more ...
Commercial Services
Cleaning, maintenance, training, property management & more ...

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Don't let anything slip through the cracks again

Controlla ties all the essential threads of your business together in one place.

  • Rolling contracts, projects, invoicing & billing
  • Automated workflows & exception handling
  • External Integrations watched in Controlla